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Hot Jam is NOT a dance studio. Although we do provide free beginner lessons we do this as a service to the community and anyone interested in learning how to dance. There is never a charge for our beginner lessons. If you are interested in pursuing dance lessons please let us know and we can guide you to several resources and instructors in the Atlanta Area.

If your question isn’t answered on the website, and you can’t find anybody to ask (or don’t know who to ask) on Monday Nights, you can contact us through our contact page

Hot Jam Takes place Every Monday night at Ambient+Studios in the heart of Atlanta. The physical address is 585 Wells St SW, Atlanta, GA 30312.

The floor is the original warehouse floor. While it's made of excellent hardwood, there may be some rough patches, including dips in the floor where two boards join. Flats are encouraged, and heels should be worn with caution.

Excellent! We specialize in teaching people with two left feet! Joking aside — even though you may think you are unable to learn how dance, the truth is that most anyone can be taught. With time and practice you will develop the confidence dance with anyone on the dance floor.

We have a FREE beginner lesson before our dance. You don't need to have any experience to attend. The beginner lesson starts at 8:00PM every week.

No, you do not need a partner, because dancing with different people is essential to your progress to become a better dancer. During the lessons the instructors will call on either the Leads or Follows to rotate. Rotating partners allows you to take notice if your Leading or Following works with other dancers.

The Lindy Hop community is very social and during the dances everyone dances with everyone any way. 

You don't have to rotate, but you will advance your learning curve if you do.

This is a complicated question that will get different answers from different dancers. But basically, it is dancing done to swing music. Here's a definition from Wikipedia.

We don't sell refreshments at Hot Jam. We have a water fountain available and you are always welcome to bring your own water bottles and other refreshments.

Wear whatever is comfortable, that should be your primary concern. You'll find people wearing any number of things ranging from jeans and dress pants, to shorts (in the summer) and skirts. It is highly recommended that the clothes be loose, rather than tight fitting and you should consider bringing additional shirts or tops to change into, as this is a physical activity and you will likely sweat! No one likes dancing with a sweat-soaked partner.

The dance is scheduled to start at 8:30 pm, and sometimes runs a little bit late because of the free beginner class. The dance goes until 11:00 PM.

There is plenty of street parking around the area. Driveway parking is primarily reserved for staff, volunteers, instructors and loading and unloading for bands and DJ equipment. Please don't block our driveway or we'll point and make fun of you at the dance.

DJ dances are $9 per person ($7 for AJDPS Sponsors and students) and Live bands are $12 per person ($10 for AJDPS Sponsors and students). The beginner lesson is complimentary with dance admission. Our specialty classes prices vary depending on the class and the instructor. Please visit our lessons page for more information on these.

Please note that we only accept cash.

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